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Product Description : For Beginners, Travelers & Advanced Speakers:  What is most difficult about learning another language? Getting started! Quickstart Italian Immersion software is designed to for you to start quickly, and maximizes the full potential o more info
For Beginners, Travelers & Advanced Speakers:  What is most difficult about learning another language? Getting started! Quickstart Italian Immersion software is designed to for you to start quickly, and maximizes the full potential of the widely accepted method of learning a language--the "Immersion" Method. Designed in Europe where most people are at minimum bilingual, Quickstart Italian Immersion is engaging, addicting, fun and easy to learn!

The learning method is similar to the way you would acquire your own native language. Each word is introduced in a context where meaning is clear and memorable. The spoken and written words are associated with visual images, allowing you to improve your listening comprehension, reading comprehension, spelling, and speaking. You will be authentically immersed in the Italian language with exclusive Panoramic Immersion Scenes and background sounds--mastering Italian in no time at all!


  • Learn Over 2000 Words & 1200 Phrases!
  • EXCLUSIVE Panoramic Immersion Scenes
  • Zoom In & Out, Pan Around in Interactive Immersive Scenes!
  • Includes 240 Games (8 Games per Activity)

30 Word Activities Include: ◊ In the Suburbs ◊ In the City ◊ Town Square ◊ Streets in Town ◊ At the Airport ◊ Check-In & Customs ◊ Passport Control ◊ Boarding & Arrivals ◊ At the Train Station ◊ At the Subway Station ◊ At the Gas Station ◊ At the Hotel ◊ At the Restaurant ◊ At the Bar ◊ At the Museum ◊ At the Post Office ◊ At the Store ◊ At the Bank ◊ At the Office ◊ Business Meetings & Negotiations ◊ At the Exhibition ◊ Days, Weeks & Months ◊ Telling Time ◊ Seasons & Weather

Over 50 Conversation Dialog Activities ◊ Asking the Way ◊ At the Gas Station ◊ Renting a Car ◊ Car Maintenance ◊ Calling the Police ◊ Calling a Taxi ◊ Taking the Bus, Tram, or Trolley ◊ Parking the Car ◊ Taking the Subway ◊ Purchasing Tickets ◊ Train Station ◊ On the Train ◊ At the Baggage Claim ◊ Getting a Porter ◊ Getting a Flight ◊ On the Airplane ◊ Airport Information Booth ◊ Airport Check-in, Customs & Passport Control ◊ At the Hotel Reception ◊ The Hotel Room ◊ Hotel Questions & Complaints ◊ Post Office ◊ Telephone ◊ At the Doctor ◊ At the Pharmacy ◊ What's the Time? ◊ How's the Weather? ◊ At the Hairdresser ◊ At the Bank ◊ At the Dry Cleaners ◊ Shopping ◊ At the News Stand ◊ At the Smoke Shop ◊ Buying Souvenirs ◊ Business Meetings & Negotiations ◊ Business Discussions & Phone Calls ◊ Contracts ◊ Exhibitions & Trade Fairs ◊ At the Restaurant ◊ Having Dinner ◊ At the Bar ◊ At the Repair Shop ◊ Invitations ◊ How Can I Get to...? ◊ Meeting a Business Guest ◊ Meeting a Friend ◊ Over 100 Conversation Dialog Games (2 Games per Activity)

Special Dictionary Activities Include: ◊ Human Actions ◊ Colors & Shapes ◊ Directions ◊ Common Phrases ◊ Greetings & Wishes ◊ Numerals ◊ Questions ◊ Signs & Notices ◊ Clothing ◊ Foods ◊ Fruits ◊ Vegetables ◊ Meat ◊ Fish ◊ Human Anatomy ◊ Fast Food ◊ Sports ◊ Over 65 Special Dictionary Games

Easy and effective for beginners and travelers, a powerful learning tool for intermediate speakers, and a useful refresher course for advanced speakers!

Features - Quickstart Immersion

  • Number of Words - 2000+
  • Number of Phrases - 1200+
  • Subject Categories - 80+
  • Subject Game Activities - 400+
  • Conversation Dialog Activities - 50+
  • Panoramic Immersion Scenes - 30+
  • Voice Recording & Visualized Playback - Yes
  • Custom Settings (voice, background, etc.) - Yes
  • Individual Progress Reports - Yes
  • Dictionary & Glossaries - Yes
  • Native Language Selection - Yes

Speech Recognition & Analysis
Train and improve your pronunciation! Select from over 2000 words and 1200 phrases. The Recording Session with Voice Recording and Visualized Playback Technology enables you to record your own speech and compare it to the tutor's voice to determine your accuracy.

Custom Preference Settings
Customize the interface to suit your preferences. Choose a male or female narrator's voice. Set preference of single language or dual language (your native language and the language you are learning) for on-screen text display. Choose whether to have background sounds while participating in Panoramic Scene Activities.

Native Language Interface
Learn to speak using your own native language! Most language software sold in the U.S. requires you to first be proficient in Italian before you can learn another language. Not with Quickstart Immersion! Help and menus, words and phrases, games and tests can all be changed to the native language of your choice.

System Requirements for Windows

  • Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP
  • Pentium 200 MMX or better
  • 64 MB RAM
  • DirectX 8.0 or higher
  • Video card with 8 MB RAM
  • Sound card & speakers
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Microphone recommended
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