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Operating System : Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
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Product Description : Codename: Outbreak is the first game built on the Vital Engine ZL. more info
Codename: Outbreak is the first game built on the Vital Engine ZL. A tactical 3D action-shooter, in which the player commands an elite task force. The year is 2034, the Earth has barely escaped collision with a mysterious comet. Passing in dangerous proximity to the Earth, the comet scorched the atmosphere and hundreds of meteorites poured their fiery rain down causing death and destruction.

Overview Together with meteorites, the Earth received alien life spores which started quickly developing under the planet's conditions. People now faced a highly aggressive form of life capable to parasitize humans, totally overriding them. Within several days after the catastrophe, aliens spread across vast territories and captured many objectives. The game consists of a military campaign to resist the invasion and the main character's participation in it. In the course of the game the player will have to carry out a number of tense and hazardous missions on the objectives captured by aliens, saving human survivors, creating diversions, preventing nuclear weapons launches, getting important information, samples and much more. There are 13 enormous levels. It's possible to perform operations in both the daytime as well as night, this is left for the player to choose. Here not only the level graphics and lighting will change. At night one can sneak up to the enemy in the dark, the location of guards will also be different in day and night missions. The gameplay is close to real task force actions at well-guarded enemy objectives, when the success of the whole operation very much depends on remaining invisible for security system, and suddenness being the major advantage. That is why it seems barely possible to win the game by merely annihilating enemies - skirmishes and explosions within a well-guarded enemy base will end up in the detachment spotted and quickly killed. The player will have to act stealthily and quietly, learn the patrol system to deliver sudden strokes, hide in the premises' shadows and make ambushes, lay mines on the path of heavy machinery, use the advantages of weapons and equipment, carry out sniper shooting, and destroy shadowing cameras.

The game world is interactive and detailed. From the first minutes of the game the player finds himself not around the lifeless objectives with the enemies put on particular places waiting for him to show up, but around the interactive environment, where a lot of events take place. The territory is patrolled by soldiers, the military machinery moves, the personnel works at the computers and mechanisms, the characters talk to each other, cranes, cargo loading machines, radars and computers work. Owing to high interactivity the player has an opportunity to learn the patrol system, choosing the best way and time for action, eavesdrop the enemies' talks, work with computers and activate the mechanisms found on the level. Many elements of the environment can be destroyed. Game Story During the routine observation of nocturnal sky astronomers have registered a new object in the Ursa Major constellation zone. It was indexed as JK4538-XK. According to observation data, the object was of midsize comet class. The subsequent computations confirmed that the comet was inbound from another galaxy. Such a rare event became a worldwide sensation in the wink of an aye. Moving at a tremendous speed the guest from another galaxy could soon be seen with a naked eye in the sky at night. However, the exultation vanished into thin air as soon as the scientists reported about probabilistic trajectory of the comet: it could collide with the Earth. After verifying the calculations, state authorities began preparing for the possible catastrophe and evacuating the cities. Humans got ready for the worst. Passing in dangerous proximity to the Earth, the comet scorched the atmosphere and hundreds of meteorites poured their fiery rain down causing death and destruction, evoking tsunamis, hurricanes and earthquakes. When ash and smoke cleared away, the survivors could see the cities lying in ruins and the meteorite-pitted lands. A sluggish reconstruction after the devastation was begun.

Though meteorites lying deep in craters were not exactly dead stones - they gave birth to new life around them. The recently frequent cases of people disappearing served the first foreboding. Some time later the communication with one of the military laboratories researching meteorite samples was lost. The rescue party sent to the lab faced vigorous opposition trying to get inside. The guard killed in the skirmish was partially absorbed by an alien organism, confirming the worst apprehensions of biological contamination. Alien life forms brought by meteorites in spores spread fast. After the incubation period aliens transformed into parasite organisms capable of total subduing their prey. An infected person lost self-control and proved unable to perceive his environment. The epidemic broke out. The sites of meteorite falls were most severely infected. Whole regions and settlements were under alien control. Their organized groups raided the neighbouring territories. Humans, exhausted after the catastrophe, were losing ground every day. The enemy was undetectable: today your neighbour was your friend and tomorrow he was your foe. Humans did everything in their power to study and fight the aliens. Anything to stop the epidemic. Features Possibility of stealthy movements, sniper shooting and sudden attacks. Multitude of equipment with a kit selection possibility. Improvable and thoroughly worked out soldiers' parameters, possibility of being promoted in service. The player controls two soldiers, handly command system for the teammate. View from the first as well as from the third person. Levels combining open and closed spaces. Possibility of choosing time of the day for the mission. High interactivity and level detailing. Hit processing algorithm, various kinds of injuries and armour. High artificial intelligence of the rivals.

Supports resolutions up to 1280x1024 32 bit. Works with any D3D compatible accelerator. Dynamic color illumination, directional sources of light. Smooth and realistic animation of characters. Realistic water surfaces. three dimensional sound, EAX and A3D. The multiplayer supports up to eight players over LAN or Internet. Multiplayer mode includes capture the flag, cooperative single mission, the teammate controlled by other players and classic deathmatch.

System Requirements :

  • Windows 95/98/ME/XP
  • Pentium II 350
  • 64MB RAM
  • 8X CDROM
  • DirectX compatible
  • 16MB video card
  • DirectX compatible
  • sound card, Keyboard
  • Mouse
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