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Product Description : An Epic Conquest Spanning 500,000 Years!  The creator and lead designer of the award-winning, best-selling Age of Empires? Rick Goodman has conceived Empire Earth to be the premier historical real-time strategy game, offering players unp more info
An Epic Conquest Spanning 500,000 Years!  The creator and lead designer of the award-winning, best-selling Age of Empires? Rick Goodman has conceived Empire Earth to be the premier historical real-time strategy game, offering players unprecedented freedom to customize both the historical scope of their game and the character of their civilizations.  Improving upon the Age of Empires interface, Goodman and his team are making Empire Earth as accessible as Age with far more excitement and depth.


  • From Rick Goodman lead designer of the award-winning, best-selling Age of Empires!
  • Epic scope ? spans over 500,000 years, from the discovery of fire to laser technology and beyond.
  • 14 different Epochs ? replay all of human history or just the span of time that interests you.
  • Train more than 200 different kinds of units..
  • Battle on land, air, and sea ? in addition to armies, you can build wide varieties of ships and aircrafts.
  • Fight wars of the future with advanced robotic and anti-gravity units using secret weapons.
  • Enlist great historical Heroes ? such as William the Conqueror and Patton ? to enhance your military abilities.
  • Customize your military units by improving their strength or equipment.
  • Play in Standard mode for a more-strategic empire building game or Tournament mode for faster-paced action.
  • Have your Prophets devastate opponents with Calamities such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and deadly plagues.
  • Engage in historic siege warfare ? breach an enemy?s walls with catapults, rams, and siege towers.
  • Increase the morale of your soldiers to improve their offensive and defensive capabilities.
  • Match wits with the cunning AI or coordinate attacks with your computer-player allies.
  • Construct 20 types of buildings and research 150 technologies. A helpful technology tree foldout is included.
  • Temples, Universities, and other buildings provide additional defensive measures beyond walls and towers.
  • Create your own civilization from 100 different attributes or choose from 21 predefined civilizations.
  • Different paths to victory, including military conquest and constructing Wonders of the World.
  • Six different Wonders, each with its own special power.
  • Special effects such as a day/night cycle, weather, translucent water, smoke, and special attack effects.
  • Experience expertly balanced gameplay ? each unit has its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Gather 5 different resources that vary in importance depending on your strategy.
  • Play four epic single-player campaigns that each follow a civilization?s extraordinary rise to power.
  • Training scenarios guide you through the basics of game play.
  • Gorgeous random maps of various types and sizes for the ultimate re-playablity.
  • Create your own original maps, scenarios, campaigns, and even in-game movies with the included editors.

Additional Features:

Command history's best-known civilizations, such as the Greeks, English, French and Germans, or evolve your own as you play by choosing from well over 100 unique attributes. Colonize or conquer surrounding territories and establish new settlements. Plan and build walled towns and city-states. Construct Temples and Hospitals to protect and enhance your growing empire. Your Town Centers inspire defenders to fight harder and can be transformed into powerful Capitals. Wood, coal, oil and other natural resources provide raw materials for expansion. Over a dozen technology tracks offer numerous opportunities for further advancement.

Train more than 200 types of combat units from every era in history, including Earth's future. Instantly improve the combat abilities of your troops with specific upgrades. Lead your armies to glorious victory with the help of Charlemagne, Churchill and other great heroes, from not only yesterday but also today and tomorrow. Fight in good weather during the day on an open plain, or carry out surprise assaults in the black of night or the dead of winter. Attack unsuspecting enemies with stealthy submarines and aircraft. Soften up an enemy position with artillery fire, carpet-bombing, or off-shore shelling, or launch ballistic missiles. Wage epic sky battles with over 30 types of aircraft, such as Sopwith Camels, Spitfires, F-15s, Apache Gunships and B-2 Bombers. Fight massive naval engagements with more than 40 different ships, from 16th Century ships-of-the-line to modern aircraft carriers. Board and capture enemy vessels. Train colossal and intelligent 'mechs to fight the battles of the future.

In Empire Earth, the military option is just one possible path to victory. Surreptitiously convert an enemy's citizens with furtive priests. Instruct a prophet to invoke devastating calamities such as volcanoes, earthquakes and plagues. Pick away at opponents' populations by taking over their citizens. Construct Wonders of the World that endow your civilization with special abilities while demonstrating its superiority.

Empire Earth: the most extraordinary and ambitious RTS ever created.

Utilize Over 200 Units, Including:

  • Capitol - The seat of government. the heart of an empire.
  • Knight - Braves the battlefields of the Middle Ages against swordsmen.
  • Arquebus - The most advanced small arm of the 15th Century.
  • Siege Tower - Protects warriors as they storm enemy walls.
  • War Raft - Fights off rival sin open waters and sinks their fishing boats.
  • Citizen - Gathers resources, constructs buildings and builds city-states.
  • Henry Grace a Dieu - The largest warship of its time.
  • Bronze Cannon - Effective weapon against massed infantry formation.
  • Hospital - Provides medical care to ensure the populace's health.
  • B17 Fortress - Drops cluster bombs for massive destruction.
  • Laser Infantry - The core of all national armies in the mid-21st Century.
  • Cyclops - The ultimate anti-infantry machine that launches guided missiles.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 98/Me/XP
  • Multimedia PC with Pentium II 350MHz or higher processor
  • 64MB of RAM
  • 450MB of hard disk space; additional 100MB of hard drive space for swap file
  • Super VGA monitor supporting 1024 x 768 resolution
  • AGP (4MB) or PCI (8MB) 3-D video card that supports 1024 x 768, 16 bit color resolution
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • Microsoft mouse or compatible pointing device
  • 28.8Kbps modem (or higher recommended) for Internet or head-to-head play
  • DirectX compatible sound card with speakers or headphones recommended
  • Internet access required for Internet play
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