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Date Added : 2005-11-01 00:00:00
Item ID : 5696
Publisher : XPLOSIV
Packaging : DVD STYLE BOX
Operating System : WINDOWS 98/ME/2000/XP
Rated : TEEN
Stock : 69
Price : 19.95
Price : 19.95 Qty
Product Description : Cossacks the real time strategy game based on historical events that took place during the 16th ? 18th century in Europe. more info
Cossacks the real time strategy game based on historical events that took place during the 16th ? 18th century in Europe. Experience historic battles with up to 8,000 units on single player or multiplayer game maps.
  • 3D landscapes offer strategic advantages
  • Map and scenario editor
  • 16 rival nations, each with their own original graphics, unique economic and technological differences
  • Military formations
  • Original economic system with 6 resources: food, wood, stone, gold, coal and iron
  • Dynamic Fog-of-war
  • Civilians and their buildings can be conquered and become your colony
  • 5 campaigns incl. 36 tutorial missions, 10 single missions, 12 historical battles
  • Up to 7 players in Multiplayer mode (Internet/LAN)
  • and many other exciting features


After the worldwide hit Cossacks: European Wars comes the expanded Cossacks: The Art of War. The focus is on an improved and more dynamic single player mode with adjustable difficulty. In addition to that the internet play and community features were greatly improved allowing players to check out each others histories and review recorded games. New units, nations, ships, a map editor, joining forces with the computer and exchanging resources all together take Cossacks to a new level.

  • 5 new campaigns (with more than 30 missions in total): Prussia, Austria, Saxony, Algeria, Poland
  • New massive maps with different terrains
  • 2 new nations (Bavaria & Denmark)
  • 6 new ships
  • 6 new single missions
  • 6 new historical battles
  • 4 different difficulty levels
  • New multiplayer game mode: Territory Capture
  • Improved AI (workers automatically enter mines), improved controls (new hotkeys)
  • Global Rating System (World ranking list)
  • Alliances with AI nations
  • plus much more?


Cossacks: Back to War has all the gameplay features of Cossacks: European Wars and Cossacks: The Art of War. A stand-alone game, other Cossacks games are not required to play.

  • 20 nations to command
  • 101 new single missions
  • 2 new nations: Switzerland and Hungary
  • 4 different difficulty levels
  • 1 new camel riding unit for Algeria and Turkey: Bedouin
  • New Automatic Championship System (ACS) charts online competition on the web
    Special VIZOR features allows players to watch online games
  • plus other features

System Requirements:

  • Windows 95/98/2000/Me/NT/XP:
  • Pentium II 233
  • 32MB RAM
  • 1 MB Video RAM
  • 500-700 MB Hard drive space
  • 8x CD-ROM drive
  • Sound Card
  • Multiplayer Connection 28 kbps

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