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Item ID : 6389
Publisher : CDV
Packaging : DVD STYLE BOX
Operating System : WINDOWS 98/ME/2000/XP
Rated : TEEN
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Price : 29.95
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Product Description : Discover epic periods of American history in this amazing package. more info
Discover epic periods of American history in this amazing package. With American Conquest Anthology, you'll receive three great software titles:
  • American Conquest: Three Centuries of War
  • American Conquest: Fight Back and
  • American Conquest: Divided Nation

Based on historical events in American history that range from 1492 to 1865, you'll be able to wage war with 16,000 units on 3D landscapes.

Three Centuries of War places you in 300 years of battles for land, riches and freedom that span more than 40 missions. Fight Back depicts immense power struggles across the American continent, including the Spanish forces battling Mayan and Aztec resistance, German forces searching for the fabled El Dorado and the Russian attempt to conquer Alaska. Divided Nation includes such famous conflicts as the American Civil War, the Texas War of Independence and the Battle of New Orleans.


  • Includes American Conquest: Three Centuries of War, American Conquest: Fight Back and American Conquest: Divided Nation
  • Features more than 17 nations and 19 campaigns based on historical events
  • Three Centuries of War lets you take on the roles of great leaders, including Pizarro and Washington
  • Strategically use new weapons, new technologies and improved fighting units
  • Fight Back features a challenging Battlefield mode that supremely tests your strategy skills
  • Experience multination conflicts from Alaska to South America
  • Divided Nation thrusts you into the center of some of the United States' most epic conflicts
  • Become a Civil War general, a Texas militia leader or a pirate captain

System Requirements:

  • PC Processor Type Intel Pentium 4 processor, AMD Athlon XP? processor
  • PC Processor Speed 2GHz
  • PC Operating System Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me), Windows XP
  • PC System Memory 256MB RAM
  • PC Hard Drive Space 2.5GB
  • PC Video 64MB NVIDIA GeForce 4 Ti or MX/RADEON 9200 video card
  • PC Sound Card DirectX-compatible sound card
  • PC Additional Requirements DirectX 9.0c

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